Welcome to Manifold Heights Primary School


Wednesday 22nd, October – Geelong Cup Public Holiday (no students at school on this day)



Emma Burrows (mum of Jo, Jules & Jessica) volunteered her time to take photos of the performers on the night of the school concert and provide prints which are now available to purchase!

Photos are available to view in the foyer at the Office or you can follow the steps below to view them online:
- http://www.bellaartephotography.com.au/
- click on ‘WEBSITE’
- select proof galleries on the bottom left hand side of the screen
- select Manifold Concert Photos
- an order form and note can be collected from the Office with the password to access the concert photos, please do not give this password out to anyone outside of the Mano Community
- Concert photos are $3 each and you may order as many as you like.
- Photos can be viewed online until the 25th October.

Please fill out the order form and return to the office with the EXACT money. No change will be given as photos are printed by a company outside of school.


VIDEOWORKS has been hired for the night to produce a professional DVD of the concert. DVD’S will be $20 and can be ordered directly from VIDEOWORKS.

Also don’t forget to check our wonderful school band
“The PurrumBeatles”
See them on YouTube


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