About Us

The Manifold Heights Primary School community nurtures potential for life long learning.



Vision –
The Manifold Heights Primary School Community nutures potential for life-long learning




Motto –
Unleashing Potential






Mission –
We will engage and challenge all students to reach their full potential within a safe, respectful and positive learning environment



Values –
I act with SAFETY



Barry and kids

From the Principal

Welcome to Manifold Heights Primary School Manifold Heights Primary School (affectionately known as Mano) is situated in Strachan Avenue Manifold Heights, Geelong. In 2018 we commenced the school year with a student population of 423 students – 18 classes supported by a rich and varied specialist program: Art/Indonesian, PE, Music and Library for Prep to Grade …

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Our Preps

EVENTS / PROGRAMS: Our Preps participate in many activities throughout the year including: Transition – Mano offers a comprehensive Transition Program, designed to provide every child with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the school, teachers and their future classmates. We currently run four sessions, from late term three through till late term four, varying days and times to avoid …

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Our Juniors

EVENTS / PROGRAMS: Our Juniors participate in many activities throughout the year including: Big Day Out– The Big Day Out provides the Junior classes with an exciting start to Term 1! Both Grade 1 and Grade 2 students get to know their new classmates and teachers through a day of fun-filled activities, including – games, afternoon …

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Our Middles

EVENTS / PROGRAMS: Our Middles participate in many activities throughout the year including: Anglesea Camp – Year 4 One of the highlights of the grade 4 year, is the 3 day/2 night camp to Anglesea Coastal Forest Lodge. Confidence building, co-operation, self esteem and team-work are the main focus of this camp.       For many this is …

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Our Seniors

EVENTS / PROGRAMS: Our Seniors participate in many activities throughout the year including: Adolescent Education Maldon Camp (Grade 6) – The four day Bike Riding camp gives students the opportunity to use the Bike Education Skills they have been building since year 3. The camp usually takes place in term 1 each yar and provided …

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Our Specialists

Art Our art room is fully equipped for creating artworks in a broad variety of media. The art program encompasses the teaching of skills and art appreciation whilst promoting individual creativity.  Throughout the year the children are exposed to a variety of focus areas. Drawing, painting, construction, puppetry, mosaics, modelling, threads and textiles, printing and clay …

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Our Student Leadership

Students don’t have to be school captains or house captains to be considered leaders. We encourage our students to be leaders in the classroom and playground, through their support for other students, or their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or community events and projects. Those students who do wish to apply for a Captain’s position, …

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Our Policies

Anaphylaxis Policy Attendance Policy Cash Handling Policy Child Safe Policy Child Safe Code of Conduct Complaints Policy Electronic Devices Policy Enrolment Policy Excursion, Camp & Activities Policy Fundraising Policy Medication Policy Parent Managed Head Lice Policy Parent Payments Policy Parent Payments FAQ Privacy Policy Student Leadership Criteria Sunsmart Policy Uniform Policy Visitors Policy Yard Supervision …

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School Chaplain At Manifold Heights we are fortunate to be part of the Chaplaincy program and to have the support of our school chaplain – Jesse Winter, for two days a  week. Jesse is able to engage with students, families, staff and the wider school community, offering pastoral care and support as required and contributing to the overall …

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Our School Council

Manifold Heights Primary School Council is the governing body of the school.  It determines appropriate educational policies within Department of Education and Early Childhood Development guidelines which will ensure that the aims of the school are achieved.  School Council is also responsible for the school’s monies and resources. The composition of the Manifold Heights Primary …

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