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Our Preps

EVENTS / PROGRAMS: Our Preps participate in many activities throughout the year including:

  • Transition – Mano offers a comprehensive Transition Program, designed to provide every child with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the school, teachers and their future classmates. We currently run four sessions, from late term three through till late term four, varying days and times to avoid regular clashes with kindergarten sessions. During the sessions the children will engage in a range of activities, including stories, games, art/craft and a tour of the school and playground. Also during the third visit, the children will meet the year 5 buddy allocated to assist them with settling in during the first days and weeks of the school year.  In November we also run a Parent Information session to provide lots of information about getting ready for school and what to expect in the first few weeks, and a second session in the first month of the school year which focuses on curriculum areas and how parents can support their children at home.
  • Letterland Parade: Letterland is a phonics based scheme for learning to read. It is based on the actual sounds that letters make in words, and a collection of colourful, friendly characters to represent each letter, including Hairy Hat Man, Quarrelsome Queen and Annie Apple. The characters and program offer a visual support for students starting out on their Literacy journey. At Mano, Letterland is one of a number of tools used to assist children to develop letter/sound knowledge.  At the end of the program, we celebrate with a parade for the school community, where the prep children and staff choose to dress up as their favourite Letterland character. It is often fondly remembered by our graduating year six students as one of their favourite primary school days!

  • Developmental Play: Each week, the three Prep classes are involved in a combined social play session in our ‘middle area’. This provides further opportunities to develop skills such as sharing, co-operation, and fair play. There are a range of toys, (construction, home-corner, dress-ups and craft-based) for the children to engage in according to their interests.
  • Prep Barbecue: As an introduction to the Mano Camps Program, the Prep children participate in the annual Prep Barbecue in late term four. At 3.30pm when the rest of the school goes home, the Preppies stay behind for an afternoon of fun and games which usually includes a treasure hunt, games, a bbq dinner (with ‘frog in the pond’ dessert!) and culminates in a mini disco. The children head home about 6.30pm
  • Excursions and Incursions and Special Days: The Prep students participate in a range of excursions and incursions linked to the Inquiry focus running each term. Excursion destinations vary from year to year, but always have an educational focus. Recent activities have included a visit to Fairy Park to link in with an Inquiry focusing on the history of toys, games and stories. The same Inquiry involved a visit from lots of grandparents who shared many interesting stories about the games and toys they enjoyed as children. We generally celebrate the end of the year with a fun walk and picnic snack and play at Sparrow Park.