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Our Student Leadership

Students don’t have to be school captains or house captains to be considered leaders. We encourage our students to be leaders in the classroom and playground, through their support for other students, or their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or community events and projects.

Those students who do wish to apply for a Captain’s position, have the opportunity to do so each term. Students are asked to prepare a statement outlining why they believe they would make a great Captain for our school, and present this to their peers and teachers.  Two School Captains and four House Captains are selected each term.

Once you are a Captain, you are always a Captain – positions are accumulative through the year. This means the Captains from the previous term are always there to help and you are able to build upon the good work that has already been done.

Students also have the opportunity to apply to be part of one Student Led Committees that participate in a range of projects throughout the year.