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Our Juniors

EVENTS / PROGRAMS: Our Juniors participate in many activities throughout the year including:

  • Big Day Out– The Big Day Out provides the Junior classes with an exciting start to Term 1! Both Grade 1 and Grade 2 students get to know their new classmates and teachers through a day of fun-filled activities, including – games, afternoon tea, a visit to a play centre during the day and a special movie for the Grade 2 students after school..
  • Life Education Program – Prep to Year 4 –   Life Education has been successfully supporting primary school drug and health education since 1979.  Its comprehensive programs have been specifically designed to assist schools achieve their Health and Physical Education outcomes.  Research shows that the earlier we encourage children to develop positive self image, self esteem and a feeling of uniqueness, the better equipped they are to make positive healthy choices later in life. Life Education assists student to acquire age appropriate knowledge to support informed health choices, develop and practice skills and strategies to act upon individual decisions, and recognise the values and attitudes that may influence lifestyle choices and behaviours.  The students will meet Harold the Giraffe and will engage in a variety of fun interactive activities to reinforce learning.  Highly skilled educators, utilising their experience and training, work with schools to develop programs/sessions to support the provision of drug and health education within the school. Sessions are designed to be age specific and sequential.
  • Swimming Program: The Prep-2 children take part in a 9 day intensive swimming program during November/December. This valuable program helps to develop water safety, basic swimming strokes and survival techniques depending upon each individual child’s swimming level.