Performing Arts

Performing Arts @ Mano

The Performing Arts program at Manifold Heights Primary School is offered to all students from Prep to Grade 6. The program encompasses aspects of music, drama, and dance. Lessons are held in the dedicated Performing Arts Space equipped with a great variety of instruments, technology, costumes and more. Mano students explore how music, dance and drama are prevalent in many cultures as well as develop confidence in stagecraft and dance skills. Throughout the year students learn to understand elements of music and have opportunities to perform songs, dances, and instrumental compositions at whole school assemblies. 

Students from Grade 3-6 can extend their musical interest by joining the ‘Mano Melodies’ choir held weekly during lunchtimes. The students at Mano showcase their performance skills with a whole school concert taking place every second year. 

The Performing Arts program is designed to encourage teamwork, creativity, improvisation, and confidence as well as appreciation and enjoyment of the arts.

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