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Whole School Events

School life can be a very exciting and a very busy time for students and parents. To help you and your child prepare for a typical year at Manifold Heights Primary School, we have listed all the “usual” events that will take place as well as our various methods of communication with you.


Our primary method of communication with our families is via the school Newsletter which is why it is imperative that you read this each week. The Newsletter is printed onto the school website, is sent via push alert through the Compass app and hard copies are available at the office for those families who don’t subscribe to our email distribution but it is our aim to go completely paper-free.
Our Compass app is available to download FREE OF CHARGE for all smartphones. iPhone users can download the app via the iTunes App store and Android users can download it via the Google Playstore – search Manifold Heights Primary. You will need your family’s personalised user details to log in.  The app enables us to send you push alerts as reminders for the many activities taking place at school and you can even access our Newsletter via it!
Your child’s class may also send home important information on upcoming events, areas of learning or permission notes for excursions/incursions/camps and/or activities. It is important that you read this information and sign and return with money (if required) by the due date. A great idea some families have to keep track of the various activities taking place at school is to keep a diary of excursion dates etc and pin the various permission notes up on the fridge or home notice board.
Your child will be given a diary at the start of each school year. This diary is to be used by yourself and your child’s teacher to communicate about general school business and is the first point of call should you need to clarify something regarding your child’s learning.

Biennial (once every 2 years) events:

School Concert – (2024, 2026 etc) The School Concert is also a biennial event held at Costa Hall that all children perform in. Tickets and a DVD of the night are able to be purchased online closer to the event. Students will work on a class performance at school during Term 3 with the Concert traditionally held at the end of the term. Parents will be asked to provide minor costume requirements. This is not a fundraising event.

Art Show – (2021, 2023, 2025 etc – Odd Years) – Mano prides itself on producing very talented artists and likes to show our community just how talented we are with an Art Show. A display of student’s artwork is placed around the school and parents are invited to come along in the evening for a look.
We are currently preparing for this year’s Art Show, Wednesday 4th September, 5pm – 7pm commencing in the Prep Building.

Every year events:

Book Fair – Twice a year our Librarian organises a Scholastic Book Fair at Mano. A wide variety of books are delivered to school from Scholastic and for a week, students have the opportunity to purchase these books. All purchases go towards a commission that the school can earn that then enables us to purchase books for our school library.
Casual Dress Days – Mano has a very active Junior School Council whose play an important role in raising funds or organising food drops for various charities. Each term the Student Council will nominate a charity and then schedule a casual dress day at school where students, in exchange for not wearing their uniform, bring along a gold coin donation. This is NOT a fundraiser for the school, but a very important community service that all students can participate in.
Education Week – During Education Week, families are invited to come and watch their child participate in classroom activities. We also hold an Open Day for the purpose of conducting tours for new families interested in sending their students to Manifold Heights Primary School.
Numeracy/Literacy Week Celebrations – Numeracy and Literacy Week are celebrated once a year at school (different times) and could be in the form of an after school Maths Competition for families or, traditionally, a Big Breakfast held at school. These events are enjoyed by the whole school and families are encouraged to participate. Parents are provided with more information leading up to the event.
Parent Helper/Volunteers Morning Tea – As a way of saying thank you to all our parent helpers and volunteers, at the end of the school year teaching staff host a thank you morning tea. Parents/volunteers who have been active in our school over the year will receive invites from their children/the school. An array of delicious treats will be served and this is a great way to catch up with other parents and teachers.
Family Picnic – As part of our school reporting process, School Council invites families to an evening Family Picnic held in Term 1 on school grounds. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to your child’s teacher/s in an informal setting in addition to getting to know the other Mano families. This event is free and your attendance is strongly encouraged.
Parent Teacher Discussions – These discussions are held at the end of Term 2 and are an opportunity for parents to see first hand what their child has been learning at school. Our online booking system (via the Compass Parent Portal), allows parents control over booking their interview times. School Reports are given out towards the end of Term 2 and Term 4.

Pupil Free Days:

Curriculum Days – Curriculum Days are an integral part of school life that enables our teachers to participate in professional development so that they may be up-to-date in the latest curriculum practices. Department of Education and Early Childhood Development policy is that Victorian government schools are to designate 4 pupil free days in the school year to staff professional development. Traditionally our school has chosen the first day of the school year to have as pupil free day and 3 other days during the school year (one each term). These dates, once confirmed, will be conveyed to parents via the School Newsletter.
Other Public Holidays – please note on your calendars the other Victorian State Public Holidays (e.g. Anzac Day). The Geelong Cup is taken as our Regional Public Holiday instead of the Melbourne Cup.

Typical year level excursions/incursions/camps/activities:

Students participate in a number of excursions, incursions, activities and events related to their areas of inquiry and interests. These include, but are not limited to:
Prep – Prep BBQ and Swimming Program (approx. cost $100). 
Juniors (1/2) Big Day Out and Swimming Program (approx. cost $100).
Grade 3 Big Day Out (approx cost. $15) House Athletics Sports, House Swimming Sports (selected students) and Cross Country.
Grade 4 Anglesea Camp (approx. cost $200), House Athletics Sports, House Swimming Sports (selected students) and Cross Country.
Seniors (5/6)–  Cave Hill Camp (Gr 6 only approx. cost $300), Werribee Zoo (Gr  5 only), House Athletics Sports, House Swimming Sports (selected students), Summer Lightning Premiership, Winter Lightning Premiership, Cross Country and End of Year Bike Ride or Hike.
More information regarding these excursions/incursions/activities and other events will be conveyed to you via the classroom teachers, Compass Parent Portal and the school Newsletter.
**Most excursions/incursions/camps/activities require payment and a signed permission note returned to the school together by a due date. Students are unable to participate in these activities unless payment has been made (or prior discussion with Principal/Assistant Principal/Business Manager has been had) and permission note returned to the school in sufficient time.  All incursions/excursions are posted on Compass Parent Portal for consent and payment.