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Our Seniors

In addition to delivering high quality teaching and learning experiences based on the Victorian Curriculum standards, a significant focus in the Senior Department is on developing student organisation, interpersonal skills, and building independence. All of these elements are crucial to preparing our students for life beyond primary school. Furthermore, our 1:1 iPad program (in which students are invited to bring their own iPad to school for use as a learning tool) is a key feature of how we support our students to become 21st century learners.

Our Senior students participate in many activities throughout the year including:

  • Preparation for Puberty (P4P) – Students are involved in sessions which focus on teaching about the physical, emotional and social changes that come along with adolescence. Grade 5 students undertake this learning in Term 4, and Grade 6s are involved during Term 1. The learning from Grade 5 places building blocks for the Grade 6 program.
  • Grade 6 Camp– The camp usually takes place in Term 1 each year and provides a wonderful opportunity for our Grade 6 students to learn more about themselves and one another while enjoying some fabulous outdoor team activities.
  • Werribee Zoo (Grade 5) – As a part of the special program run while Grade 6 students are on camp, our Grade 5s visit the Werribee Zoo. The program back at school links to the learning from this excursion.
  • Bike Education Program– Manifold Heights Primary School aims to improve safety for our students in years 3-6 by promoting bicycle education in our school. Bike Ed is delivered by our trained teachers and is designed to help children develop the skills they need to ride safely and independently on roads and paths.  It consists of a mix of practical activities conducted off-road (in the school grounds) and on-road (on local roads) together with classroom activities.
  • Blue Light Disco – We enjoy a great connection with Victoria Police as a part of our community engagement in learning. One of the many positive interactions which form a part of this relationship is our annual Blue Light Disco, run by volunteers in the Blue Light organisation. Students have a great deal of fun and also get to share the experience with senior students in neighbouring schools.
  • Great Mano Bike Ride – Held towards the very end of our school year, the Great Mano Bike Ride is a wonderful way to celebrate a huge year of hard work and achievement. All students are encouraged to be involved and we welcome the support of families in this awesome community event. In 2019 this route will depart from Mano and wind around the Barwon River, taking place over one full day.
  • Grade 6 Graduation – The crowning achievement of primary school, our Grade 6s take an evening in their final week of the school year to reflect on their growth and celebrate the beginning of the next chapter of their lives.

Maldon Bike Camp



Queenscliff Bike Ride