Student Leadership

Student Leadership @ Mano

Student leadership is high on the agenda at Mano. We have over 30 official student leadership positions. These roles include, School Captains, School Vice Captains, two House Captains for each of our four houses, Class Ambassadors for each class (Grades 2 – 6) and eight Positive Behavior and Wellbeing Ambassadors (two Grade 3s, two Grade 4s and four Seniors). 

Positive Behaviour and Wellbeing Ambassadors work with Mrs Forsyth to create a wellbeing event once a term, as well as speaking at Assembly to read out the School Wide Positive Behavior Focus (SWPBS). 

Class Ambassadors work with Miss Chapman and the Junior School Council (JSC) to decide on the theme for one Social Service Activity fundraiser and one term project. 

School Captains and School Vice Captains also work with Miss Chapman and the other members of the JSC to decide fundraisers and work on a school improvement project per term. School Captains lead our weekly school Assembly with the Principal.

House Captains work with Mr Hambrook (PE) to promote the many sporting opportunities at Mano, both at school and in the community. They lead our four houses – Strachan, Manifold, Purrumbete and Narmbool at school sporting events. 

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