Numeracy @ Mano

At Manifold Heights Primary School, we believe everyone can do Maths; it’s creative, exciting and useful. We want our students to enjoy the challenge of solving new problems and sharing their solutions.

We believe Mathematics learning is more than just memorising facts. We aim to give students a deeper understanding of concepts, methods and ways to problem solve. As a school, we integrate these important mindset messages throughout our learning program.

  • Maths is about learning not performing
  • We value depth over speed
  • Maths is about creativity and making sense
  • Questions are encouraged
  • We believe mistakes are valuable
  • Maths is about making connections and communicating
  • Everyone can learn Maths to the highest level

Our framework of Launch, Explore, Make Connections means that a typical lesson begins with an interesting prompt, question or activity that enables students to explore ideas, concepts and methods.

The teacher guides students to share and justify their solutions with the aim of developing a deep understanding of the content, refining efficient strategies and developing a toolbox of problem solving skills.

Within our daily Numeracy block our students focus on applying their knowledge through open ended Mathematical tasks that enable students to explain their thinking and for them to develop their breadth and not simply depth. A combination of whole class, small group and individual learning experiences in all areas of Numeracy occur. 

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