School Houses

School Houses @ Mano

Mano has a strong sense of belonging and community which focuses on teamwork and participation. This encourages our students to unleash their potential through team spirit, build excitement amongst one another and work together towards a common goal.

The school is organised into four houses using the four streets surrounding the school which were named to acknowledge the history of the area. Manifold Heights Primary School has four houses: Purrumbete (Blue), Strachan (Yellow), Narmbool (Red) and Manifold (Green). Each house is led by two Grade 6 students who play an essential role in organising, leading and bringing together the house at many times throughout the year. 

House activities include House Athletics and House Cross Country which are conducted during Term 1 and 2 with the Grade 3, Grade 4 and Senior students. Throughout each term, House activities, games and sports are played during lunchtime competitions set up by our house leaders.

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